Monday, June 30, 2014

Five Rooms/Five Days: Cleaning Up our Home!

Big week here at Windgate Lane!

I need this house to come back under my control... easier said than done.  But continuing to look at the 'hills' I need to climb to get it where I want is not going to get it done- but action will!

Want to join me?

Now I realize you may have more than five rooms in your house and technically so do I- but I am focusing on the big living spaces and bedrooms- So follow along or join along- just don't tell me about the cold drink and fun movie you are watching on TV? mmmkaaay? thanks!

Monday: Playroom (silent tear coming down my cheek) (click here for Day 1 Update!)

Tuesday: Master Bedroom (Day 2 Completed Project)

Wednesday: Big Boy #1 Room (Completed Project, click here)

Thusday:  Big Boy #2 Room (click for update here)

Friday:  Family Room (click for update here)

Now this isn't just a tidy up kinda thing- it is a finish any planned projects and purge and then clean kinda thing! Patch holes in walls- paint walls- make this ninja turtle stop staring at me! for real.

Don't worry- there won't be any live shots of me while working due to this being a shower optional kinda week... I kid, I kid... maybe every other day...

So- let's get to work and follow along with WindgateLane on Instagram for sneak peeks and also on Facebook.
I will be posting everyday this week on what I accomplished and then linking back to this post as I go so all rooms will be in one place:)

Playroom is today- check back later to see pics of my completed/clean room!