Closet Clean Out!

Day 4 of and baby boy’s room in my…

After 3 days of hanging a plethora of pictures and shelves… My arms are dunzo.
But I am super pleased with all of the progress I have made!
Today will be my baby boy’s room… I do that to distinguish the two boys as he is actually 5;)
His room is still functioning fine for him after last years make-over that you will find here with his  large school map…
This little guy of mine is growing fast… faster than I would like! and his little closet was smashed full of hand-me downs and things that just didn’t fit anymore.
A purge was necessary! I also incorporated what I did in my older son’s closet- an old shoe hanger, with label’s of the days of the week- so that when school starts we can plan out his week and there will be no scrambling for clothes in the morning:)
I also keep a rubbermaid box on the top shelf of each boy’s closet for keepsakes.  I am very realistic about what boys are interested in keeping later in life… not much!;) But I keep a few things that I notice have special meaning to them and then I make picture books of the rest before I throw it out.
One other project that had been bugging me in there was his valance.

I made it quickly last year out of foam board and I just never liked it and it always falls down and drives me batty! So I decided a new, sturdier one was in order.

This room is ridiculous when trying to get good light for photos- so today you will just get a couple of shots and next week I will share the tutorial! All it took was some barn wood in the garage and some navy/white fabric and this puppy was about 100x better!

Not a huge make-over- but two projects I have been putting off and a nice big bag of clothes to donate! All in all- a good day!


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    Love the school map on his wall!! Thanks for sharing the idea for the weekly clothes planning! I’m going to try this with Hunter. The valance looks really nice….like you bought it at PBK!! Nice work Bee

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