Big Boy Room

Day three of my 5 Days~~ 5 Rooms is complete! I worked on my oldest son’s room today.

My boy has been through several room make-overs- you can see the sports gallery I did for him by clicking here.

I had put up some bookshelves in there awhile ago but they just seemed over bearing and made the room dark.  It isn’t a huge room so I wanted to maximize space, so it seemed wise to put shelves above his dresser and remove the bookshelves.  I also gave him a lot more storage when I redid these Ikea nightstands for him- now he can put all of his books and treasures in them!

Awhile ago I redid some bookshelves in my office and had the old shelves from that left over- paired with some white Ikea brackets, they were the perfect compliment to his dark wood bed frame and the pop of white from the painted dresser that I did for him.  See?! boring nothing above!

But not boring anymore! and now so much more space in his room!

And the empty wall where the bookshelves were now has his fave Broncos flag and we can’t forget to represent MineCraft as all little boys have to;) The clock is from Ikea.

The best part about today is that he is so thrilled with it all! And both boys got to help in attaching the brackets to the wood shelves and then double and triple check to make sure they were level… meaning they just wanted to keep climbing up the ladder;)

Hope you are having a fabulous day!


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    The room is great! I love what you did with the dresser and the nightstand. I’m sure the kiddo loves it!!

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