Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gallery Wall Around a Flatscreen TV

Day 2 of my 5 Days~~ 5 Rooms is now complete! And my Master Bedroom is ready for a viewing:)
My Day two was working hard on my Master Bedroom.

I know a lot of you will say, oh you shouldn't have a TV in your bedroom.... Well, guess what? We do and we love it;)

But as you can imagine- not the prettiest wall decor you can have.   So I gathered some pictures I already had from around the house and decided to try and disguise it with a gallery of sorts around it.

I also included two pictures that my Mother had which make me super happy to see those everyday! I will put a source list at the end of this post for ya! Oh and a tutorial for the sketched horse that I whipped up this afternoon will be up soon!

 This isn't a room that is all about design for me.  It is all about family and memories! Could I have less clutter? totally.  But everything in here has special meaning for me and that makes me happy!

I love a mix of clean and classic lines.  All of the frames are different but that's what draws interest away from the TV.

Grey Frames- Ikea
Mirror- Target (no longer available)
White Jewelry Box- (similar) Pottery Barn
Bracelet Stand- Pottery Barn
Clock- Kohls (only at some stores)
Horse Sketch- DIY
Chair- Makeover Click Here
Black and White Blanket- Ikea

I hope you were inspired to get that one project done today!


  1. This turned out really nice Bee! I can't wait to read more about your DIY horse sketch. You're inspiring me to keep working for sure. I'm impressed you have done so much in two days!! Way to go :-)

    1. Thanks Mel! We will see what I have in me for tomorrow;)

  2. Love it! We have a TV in our master as well and wouldn't have it any other way! Love the gallery wall around the TV! I have a piece of furniture to paint that will be the new TV cabinet and I will need to do something like this! GREAT JOB!

  3. You are inspiring me too - but I'm gonna need for it to be a 30 day challenge for my measly 6 rooms :)

  4. Fabulous! Your thermostat controls need a hinged box like this! ;) http://yhoo.it/1o3t8zh