Monday, June 30, 2014

Playroom Gallery Wall

Day 1 has come to an end and in true blogger fashion I was running around in a tizzy because I wanted to make sure I had good light for my after pics;)

The playroom wasn't horrible but it did have a big project in it that has been sitting on the floor in my master bedroom- hence having to accomplish it before my bedroom tomorrow.

I had a gallery wall in there but it was done super quick and not long after we moved in.  And it was hiding all sorts of holes on the wall that I didn't care to fill at the time.  Partly because it's annoying but mostly because we were never able to completely match the builders beige that was everywhere.

Today was the day though- I had already replaced the black Ikea storage for white- and had framed 9 8x10 pics in, what else, Ikea white frames, but hadn't hung them.

I started by patching all of the holes in the wall and then painting the whole wall in Benjamin Moore, Revere Pewter.  I had it left over from painting our family room and if I couldn't match the wall I may as well make it an accent.  It is just the best gray I have ever found!

After I finished painting, it was time for a pool break! In my haste I may have forgotten towels... I never claimed to be Super Mom.  So a few minutes on the swings had them dry and ready to go!
Paint was dry and now the fun part (read sarcasm).  Hanging Ikea frames is not anyone's idea of fun- but we suffer through it because they are cheap...

I would love to tell you I had an amazing method, but that would be lying! I measured between and eye balled the rest and then with the wire I could adjust it if it needed to be a bit higher or lower.

I love how much fresher and brighter this room feels now!

This room has to combine function with decor- two boys don't necessarily equal a bunch of breakables and pretties everywhere;)

Tomorrow I will be working on my master bedroom!



  1. Great job! I can't even believe you still fit in taking the kids to the pool...that is super mom!

    1. Thanks Sonya! There is no completing a project during the summer without a break for fun:)

  2. Very cool! You are so inspiring!
    I'm amazed!

    1. Thank you!! It helps to be held accountable!

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