Preppy Classic Ikea Dresser

It’s so fun when your boys are playing hide and seek and they find great places! Like trying to put their 60lb body in their bottom dresser drawer?! It was like a cartoon- the whole thing literally collapsed all around him! oy.
So… we need a new dresser! I searched on craigslist for awhile and just wasn’t finding anything I liked for him and was getting a bit insane with all of his clothing all over his floor- so what to do? Off to Ikea it is:)
Yes, I know an Ikea Hack is getting to be an everyday occurrence but it is nice to pay a very decent amount and then get to personalize a piece of furniture that may or may not last very long… remember the hide and seek incident?
I picked up the Tarva Dresser- larger than his last one which is nice- and ready for whatever I wanted to do to it!
Ikea Tarva:

I was not planning on having to buy new furniture, so I wanted to be very frugal with this project and that meant paint I already had would have to work! I had some Annie Sloan Paris Grey and some Country Grey- so I mixed them together and the painted the body of it.  (oh and clearly this was after I assembled the whole thing;)

I decided I wanted some white accents- so I got to work painting the legs and base Annie Sloan Pure White and as usual couldn’t leave well enough alone- so I decided to paint stripes down the center.  I used my 3M tape and very un-scientifically taped it out! (meaning I hate measuring and really just eyeballed it) I used my taping stripes trick and after I got the tape in place, I first lightly painted over the tape lines with the grey color so that the white would then not bleed through- works every time!

After my stripes were done I went on a hardware hunt! I didn’t care for the wood knobs that came with it and was going for a preppy collegiate kind of look so I wanted to find some gold pulls.  Home Depot and Martha Stewart always pull through (see what I did there?).
I chose these:

they look a lot more brassy in this pic than they are.  I used two on each drawer and to make life easier I used the holes already there as the outer hole of each pull- make sense? I then used my 3M tape to make a mock up of the hole placement! This makes it so much easier because then you can just put the tape on the spot (making sure it is level) and color in the holes and then drill!

I’m pretty happy with how this puppy turned out and more importantly, my boy is happy! No more squishing clothes in his smaller dresser and strategically, I bought one that would not offer any options of hiding in it… hopefully.
You are also about to see two other of my Ikea finds- a gorgeous lamp (obsessed) and also a $40 chair to give my guy a place to hang out:) Can’t beat that price!

If you search real hard, you might also see a sneak peak of the nightstands I did for him too! Those will be on here as soon as I find the perfect hardware for them:)

Hope you all have a great week!

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    I love the hardware! Good job!

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    Wonderful job Bee! Love what you did to the dresser and how you added the hardware. The lamp is fab!!! Love it all

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    I love it! I’m going to have to get a cheapy dresser at IKEA soon. You should go with me :)

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