Framed Sports Memorabilia

It’s very cliche to do a sports theme in a little boy’s room- not bad- just done over and over.  Well I have a little 7yr old who is obsessed with sports- like not just a bit- but like- he knows the rules to every sport you can could think of and some of his coaches even rely on him to direct other players in what to do on the field.  Yes, I sound braggy, but it’s also just factual… the kid Loves all sports!

So in his room I wanted to do something that would grow with him and not be babyish but still represent is greatest passion! 
I decided that because he is also knowledgable in sports legends that some famous sports icons and pictures would make an awesome collage on his wall! I went to the used bookstore and for $5, I got a Sports Illustrated Greatest Moments in Sports book- it had so many amazing pics that it was hard to narrow it down!
After an Ikea trip, I came home with a white picture ledge and assorted plastic frames.  I went with their super cheap plastic frames because I wanted to do several pics on the ledge and I was hanging it right above his bed, so my paranoid side didn’t want to have a bunch of heavy glass frames above him.  And truth be told you can’t even tell they aren’t glass- and the fact that they were super cheap helped a lot too!
So after I framed them, I messed around with the arrangement, hung the ledge and up they went!
Because we are Broncos fans, the John Elway #7 is a big fave- my Mom is smiling down on that one:)

And yes, you may be getting a sneak peak at some striped walls there too! Will share that tutorial soon enough!
I hope y’all have a great day!!


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